Purity Wangeci
Purity Wangeci
I am a High Fashion Model with a captivating presence, an aura of mystique and an undeniable aura of grace which I believe is the epitome of High Fashion. I’m the Winner of Project X Kenya Model Category. As a seasoned Runway Model I have graced the Catwalks, Showcasing for Kenya's most prestigious Fashion Houses,and Designers like Moswat Designs, DND Clothing, Swago gideon point, Juvence Designs, Eden Nuru Designs ,Rehillia Fashion, Trixtiger Fashion and Rialto Fashions Kenya, leaving a trail of mesmerised spectators. I have done Commercial Modelling for Tecno Kenya and Vineyard Glasses.
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Purity Wangeci


You can also reach out to me through any of my social profiles