David Ochieng
David Ochieng
I am Davis Ochieng and for 3 years , I worked as a runway model and high fashion. I have huge passion for runway and I take it as my free space. I do enjoy different designs and creative projects like bodypaint or dress up. Currently modeling for sage agency and individual project. I am tall 5.9 , good physic, which makes me a good model for runway and high fashion .I enjoy working with agencies that have a creative approach. I bring my energy and passion on any project I'm doing. The photos above are some of my work.
My Bio 🤩


  • Bust_ 37
  • Waist_32
  • Hips_38
  • Height_5.9
  • Complection_chocolate
  • Age - 23
  • Categories Runway Model, High Fashion Model ,Commercial Model Fitness Model
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David Ochieng


You can also reach out to me through any of my social profiles